Dinner Menu מסה Messa

First courses
Focaccia bread 26
"Salanova", cheese fondue, mustard vinaigrette, onion rings and wasabi 58
Endive, "dates candy", goat cheese and truffle honey 58
Portobello with smooth fresh corn polenta, poached egg, parmesan and truffle oil 68
Gnocchi, artichokes, walnut oil and Blue Bavaria fondue 58
Roasted tomatoes with cheese fondue and buffalo mozzarella 58
"Shakshuka sashimi" - seared red tuna, raw shakshuka and six minutes egg 68
White fish sashimi, pickled Mackerel, olive oil, shallot onions and hot pepper 68
Yellowtail sashimi, onions with sumac, caramelized eggplant and wasabi sorbet 66
White fish sashimi, almond tahini and zucchini 68
Crab gnocchi with Blue Bavaria cheese, crab bisque and quail yolk 68
Purple calamari with lemon cream, relish and foie gras 58
Crystal shrimp with smooth fresh corn polenta, vanilla and citrus butter 86
Liver pate with pears sorbet and "bougatsa" 72
Veal sweetbreads served with sweet potato tortellini, sunchoke cream and pearl onions 72
Rump steak carpaccio, tomato seeds, mustard and parmesan 56
Seared foie gras with white "Valrhona" lemon sauce served with a shot of "Sassy Chocolate" 88
Veal "baklava" with delicate coconut cream, tahini and cinnamon 58
Caramelized foie gras carpaccio, tahini paste, date honey and black sea salt flakes 76
"Salep" foie gras 88
Middle courses / Main courses
Black risotto with mushrooms ragout, chevre cheese and croutons 58 / 88
Beurre noisette gnocchi, chestnut and porcini foam 96
Truffle ravioli with lemon cream and Tassos olives 96
Moroccan style fish with homemade couscous 58 / 98
Caramelized salmon served with coconut foam, gnocchi, wild mushrooms and zucchini 136
Sea bass served with shallot ravioli and porcini foam 78 / 137
Fish kebab, eggplant cream, yogurt, pickled lemon and pine nuts 128
Fish of the day with delicate turmeric butter, gnocchi and Dutch runner beans 137
Grouper, sweet garlic crust and delicate tomato butter 172
Seafood couscous in crab & lemon thyme sauce 88 / 168
Skewered "Butcher's Steak" and roasted vegetables 138
Beef fillet in a chestnut & balsamic stock \ peppercorns stock 88 / 148
Lamb chops with lemon fondue, fennel and avocado salad, served with chili - potato cream 176
Seared sirloin, fennel cream, sweet potato tortellini and diced Foie gras sauce 162
Short ribs, caramelized onions, apples, Portobello and sweet spices 134
Roasted young chicken served with grilled antipasti 88
Mini beef fillet hamburgers with roasted onions 64 / 84
“Valrhona” chocolate delight 56
Wild berries dessert 66
Coconut cappuccino with baked cheese, lemon cream and pineapple sorbet 48
Sizzling chestnuts 48
Espresso cream with caramelized almonds and delicate cheese pastry 46
Sárközy 74
Passion fruit tiramisu, caramelized pecan and white chocolate cream 52
Dulce de leche and Lotus dessert 52
"New style" apple Tatin 58
Double cheese cake with white chocolate fondue 58
Semifreddo brûlée and banana toffee 54
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